Tamy´s reroot

Well... In the last post, I presented Tamy and her different looks with many wigs to you. But I defenitevely prefer rooted dolls. And as she is my travel doll I really need Tamy´s hair very resistent. So I decided to do the reroot to her. I bought 60 g of light brown saran hair... Continue Reading →

Marceline’s trip to Medellin (Antioquia, Colombia)

Almost three years ago, September 2017, we visited Medellin, Colombia. We have great friends there and my son´s favorite music group also had a concert there. We enjoyed our trip so much. We really love Colombia and Colombians. Fantastic places, nice people, great nature and fabulous food. Medellin and Antioquia department are more tropical than... Continue Reading →

Minnie´s trip to Europe XII. – Lago di Como (Italy)

Lago di Como  was the last place Minnie visited in Europe. One of the amazing lakes in Lombardy. We arrived to Como, beautiful little city, and we took the ship for see the sceneries from the wather. Very nice. It was fabulous finish of Minnie´s european adventure. So... next photos... from Mexico :D.  

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