Hello world!

Finally I decided to write a blog.  I have no experience with blogs. I created three webs (www.tamushf.comwww.tamushf.com/tonnerdollfan.html, www.plazamildendo.com ) with html codes but in the case of the blogs Im absolute beginner. So first Im sorry for beginners errors and especially for my English. My native language is Czech and my second language is Spanish but I decided to write the blog in English because is the most used language in the world of the doll collectors and the absolute mayority of Plaza Mildendo´s cliens are from USA, but I know that my English  isnt so good. So please, be patient with me :D.

Well, my name is Tamara and Im doll collector, tonner doll fanatic, founder and coordinator of Plaza Mildendo. What does means coordinator? 😀 –  webmaster, photograph, designer, customer service, artisan, messenger and more :D, all the work except the incredible carpenter´s creations you can see in our web :D, those are work of my business partner – Rogelio. You could meet me in any doll group, flickr or facebook as Tamushf, Tamushf79, Fritamcz or simply Plaza Mildendo coordinator.

I decided to make this blog little bit personal… I really love my work for Plaza Mildendo but FIRST Im doll collector so I would like to post here more than Mildendo´s news only. I would like to share you here reflections, experience and ideas relationated with my dolls and my work for Plaza Mildendo.  I have my personal web – www.tamushf.com , but it is in Czech and Spanish and its so big that I prefer to start new one than to modificated or to translate it!  Besides the blogs have the advantage of the direct comments.

I hope you will consider it interesting and funny!



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