Blanca – the most perfect travel doll!

During my last trip to the Czech Republic I have the opportunity to be guide of Elphaba, travel doll of my australian dolly friend Rachel. I enjoyed so much her company during the trip and even more I enjoyed to take her photos in different parts of the Czech Republic and Mexico. So I decided to have my own travel doll :D.

I never have traveled with  my dolls because my favourite dolls are from 1:4 scale – too big for to fit in to the backpack and I am terrified that my dolls in my baggage would be lost! BUT I re-discovered to the most perfect travel doll for me!

In 2010 Tonner doll presented new 13 inch tall fashion doll called Miss Revlon.  ( ) I know… some collectors arent happy with this new scale because she cannot to use clothes and shoes of the other 1:6 scale dolls. But she is really fabulous!!! and Im sure that soon it will be possible to buy a lot of clothes and shoes on ebay or with Plaza Mildendo :D.

I ordered brunette miss revlon and I really love her. She is a great model and poses so well. She uses “antoinette” body but in smaller size, my favourite tonner doll body! She is not so thin and fragile as Dynamite Girls or so snobby 😀 as Nu Face or Fashion Royalty (I definitely cannot to pay the luxurious hotels for them :DDD). Simply she is a fabulous modern naturally beautiful girl = the most perfect travel doll for me :D!

I am just working on her clothes for our first trip :D.  And very soon – I hope – I will  post a lot of photos.  Our next destination – Montreal (Canada) 😀  – my first time in summer :DD FINALLY!

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  1. I agree with you, Tamara,. miss Revlon should be very “piratical” to travel with. I love to travel with Lilly (Tyler, from Tonner 16″) and I never left her out of my sight. (she is living her 3rd body though)
    I am very exited, waiting for your next trip!!

  2. Exactly she is perfect for to be travel doll! I saw the video from Lilly´s trip to France. It´s fabulous! I wanted to travel with my resin Evangeline but when I travel I must to carry a lot of Pablito´s stuff so I cannot to put my travel doll to the hand baggage :(… so I decided to choose smaller girl :D. Our next trip is to Montreal!!! we are going to visit my husband´s family and its my first time in summer so Im very excited because during my other trips to Montreal I saw only the interiors of my brother-in-law´s houses :DDD.

  3. I ear you hee hee Quebec in winter is not pleasant would I (nicely) say hee hee
    are you going for a long time? I hope to see thousand picture soon. what the name of your Lady? do you still call her miss Revlon?

    1. Yes :DD… Winter Quebec hate me :D. My first time there it was so cold!!! Worst winter in 15 years! and my second time the weather was better BUT 😀 I decided to ski! And first time in my life I needed the help of the lifeguards :DDD… the rest of my vacations I cannot walk. So I prefer to stay in Mexico in the winter :DDD We will go for 2 weeks and we are planning to visit Quebec, Otawa and Toronto too. I hope this time I will enjoy without any accident :DDD. I call my miss Revlon BLANCA. As travel doll she needed some very international name 😀

  4. Hubby and I lived there for 2 years, even knowing and “living “-45C. in Edmonton Alberta, when we spent our 1rst winter in Quebec city I was frizzing!! the humidity is like 300%!!! (compared to the very dry winter we have in West coast) it seems my bones became brittle!! I hated this. after 2 years in this (other wise lovely city) the -30 in Calgary seemed quite mild hee hee.
    I hope you will have a gorgeous and safe trip and very good time with your family and Blanca (this is indeed a very international name)

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