Hi again!

For this post I decided to copy my participation in a flickr game where I was tagged. I love those games because they permit to know more about my flickr friends! It´s so interesting to see who is behind so many wonderful photos!

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals that you have. So here are 25 random things about me :D.

1. I’m Czech with austrian origins (but I do not speak German) and I live in Mexico : D.

2. My first Barbie was my birthday gift yet during the communist era in my country! We went to buy it with my mother to a special shop for merchandise from the capitalist countries: D

3. Apart from the dolls I love the Spanish language, I suffer something we could call hispanomania: D – especially mexicomania :DDD and oaxacamania :DDD.

4. That mania for everything Hispanic took me to meet my husband who is Mexican.

5. Officially I arrived in Mexico by my job but I decided to be “sent” to Mexico for can be with my husband, so we can be together. And when my contract finished I decided to stay because I can not imagine living without my husband… but I miss my country so much!

6. I love my husband! It’s my best friend and a stunningly beautiful person but sometimes I would like to kill him :D.

7. We have a Czech-Mex super wonderful son: D. Fortunately he prefers trains so my dolls are safe :DDD. Although he is very careful, I gave him a barbie doll (he use her as his car driver :D) and she is still  in perfect condition.

8. I really hated my bureaucratic job so I hope Plaza Mildendo will works well for  to not having to ask again that job : D. .. Please shop at Plaza Mildendo! : DDD

9. I love teaching and studying languages, I wanted to become a teacher of Spanish, but now I teach the Czech: D.

10. I hate politics and arrogant people.

11. I suffer Tonnerdoll mania :DDD It´s incurable and highly contagious!!!

12. Im neurotic, obsessed but pathologically honest

13. Im very borring so is very difficult to invent news about me :DDD

14. I really love Mexico-city!!! REALLY… Prague is my mother but Mexico-city is my lover :D… I love its energy.

15. I wanted study cultural antropology because Im fascinated by different cultures! Modern cultures… I like mexican “native” cultures but I prefer a real Mexico 😀

16. I love Karel Capek and a lot of hispanic writers… but my absolute favourite writer is Emile Zola 😀

17. I love coffee from Veracruz 😀

18. One of my most favourite places is Monte Alban.

19. I love legends… but I dont like to translate them :DDD… NO I like it but… Im loose 😀

20. I wrote diaries of my tonner dolls but now I have not time :(… I would like to keep writting.

21. I need time for to write 😀 and for study english because I perspiere a blood everytime I must to comunicate me in English 😀

22. I need to listen TV when Im working on web but when I translate I need sterile silence.

23. Im fascinated with grammar 😀 – spanish and czech :DDD

24. Im not fashionista… Im anti-fashionista… I love fashion dolls and I love create fashion for dolls but Im really disaster in terms of human fashion

25. I love mezcal :D… and I put limon to the beer … but Im more Czech than Mexican 😀

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  1. I just love this! love your honesty, love your true passion for two so different countries, I love everything you said about Mexico and Mexican people (they have the biggest heart I ever had the opportunity to encounter!)
    you are a superb person

  2. Hi Dom! Thank you very much!!! Its a great honour that one of my favourites doll collectors wrote someting so nice about me!!! Yes, the mexicans are generally very nice people!

  3. after living 2 years in Mexico City, We had the opportunity to see “live” the gentleness of the Mexican in general 🙂
    you inspired me and I decided I will do a blog as well, it is a very nice way to communicate our passion at our own rhythm. I will work on this and let you know .

    1. Im happy you will have blog! Please, let me know the address for to put it to my links! I cant wait to see more adventures of your gang! Big hug!!!

    1. Thank you Terri! Im happy you enjoyed it! What about new trip to Mexico? 😀 Did you visit Mexico-city?

      1. Yes, I have been to Mexico City. It was quite a long time ago but I remember it well. And I’ve been to the other usual tourist destinations such as Cancun and Acapulco.

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