Body types in my collection – Tonner doll – Female (15 – 16 inch)

From left to the right:  16″ Tyler BW Body, 16″ Emme body o plus-sized body, 16″ smaller bust ‘ballet’ body o “Geisha” body, 16″ Tyler BW Body Convertible, 16″ Antoinette Body, 15″ articulated teen body.

From left to the right:  17″ Matt O’Neill™ Body, 16″ Tyler BW Body, 12″ Marley Body, 8″ Betsy McCall o Kickits body

7 responses to “Body types in my collection – Tonner doll – Female (15 – 16 inch)

  1. What is the name of the Tonner doll that is the smallest? I have one but I forgot the name. Can you email me at Thank you!

  2. Still plays with dolls!

    I have come back time and time again to refer to your excellent article about all these doll bodies, sizes and skin tones! Thank you for creating this, has been a blessing for me as I decide which dolls to buy!!

  3. I’ve just received my first ever tonner doll…I opted for the 13″ supergilrl, cos i wanted to have varied collection of dolls (she has a similar body as the revlon girls), and i realized that she is chubbier than the Integrity girls…So i would have to make her her own clothing…It will be fun, because she is so gorgeous!

    • The Tonner Supergirl 13 is a fantastic doll. Congratulation! I hope, you will enjoy so much to create her new clothes. I love to sew for my Revlon 13 because she is little but not so skinny as FR girls :).

  4. is there any way that I can change my 16″ Tonner dolls arms they are straight only move at the shoulder area looking to have her elbows and wrist to move can any one help ?

    • I´m not sure but I think the only thing you can do is to swap all the doll body. If your doll has a old BA Tonner body without the chest articulation, it´s impossible to swap the shoulder area only. Look for the Tonner BW body on ebay. I´m sure you will find one for your doll.
      Good luck!

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