Body types in my collection – Tonner doll – Female (15 – 16 inch)

From left to the right:  16″ Tyler BW Body, 16″ Emme body o plus-sized body, 16″ smaller bust ‘ballet’ body o “Geisha” body, 16″ Tyler BW Body Convertible, 16″ Antoinette Body, 15″ articulated teen body.

From left to the right:  17″ Matt O’Neill™ Body, 16″ Tyler BW Body, 12″ Marley Body, 8″ Betsy McCall o Kickits body

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    1. The smallest female doll from my photos (15″ articulated teen body) is Basic Dorothy from Wizard of Oz 2009 – and the smallest doll here (the baby body) is Wild Thing from Kickits collection 2009 –

      But if you would like to know the name of the smallest doll made by tonner I think it is Kickits or Betsy… The smallest fashion doll by tonner could be Tiny Kitty Collier (10 inch) or Miss Revlon 13 and another dolls with 13 inch body.

  1. I have come back time and time again to refer to your excellent article about all these doll bodies, sizes and skin tones! Thank you for creating this, has been a blessing for me as I decide which dolls to buy!!

  2. I’ve just received my first ever tonner doll…I opted for the 13″ supergilrl, cos i wanted to have varied collection of dolls (she has a similar body as the revlon girls), and i realized that she is chubbier than the Integrity girls…So i would have to make her her own clothing…It will be fun, because she is so gorgeous!

    1. The Tonner Supergirl 13 is a fantastic doll. Congratulation! I hope, you will enjoy so much to create her new clothes. I love to sew for my Revlon 13 because she is little but not so skinny as FR girls :).

  3. is there any way that I can change my 16″ Tonner dolls arms they are straight only move at the shoulder area looking to have her elbows and wrist to move can any one help ?

    1. I´m not sure but I think the only thing you can do is to swap all the doll body. If your doll has a old BA Tonner body without the chest articulation, it´s impossible to swap the shoulder area only. Look for the Tonner BW body on ebay. I´m sure you will find one for your doll.
      Good luck!

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