I´m not good photographer but I have great assistens :D

Yes, I´m not good photographer! And  I started to use camara for to take photos of my dolls :D. So my oldest photos are really horrible. But during my doll mania I discovered four things that changed and improved so much my photos. I think the reason for to improved my photos was Flickr doll community. In Flickr you can see really amazing dolly photos and the level of the quality of the mayority dolly photos there is very hight so I had to upgrade my level too :D.

There are my fantastic assistents for to make “decent” dolly photos:  1. TRIPOD, 2. MINIPHOTO STUDIO, 3. PHOTOSHOP and  4. FDQ: IN FOCUS BOOK BY PAT HENRY.

1. I always use TRIPOD because for to take photos of dolls I hate to use flash and without flash and without TRIPOD the photos offten are blurred!

2. MINIPHOTO STUDIO I bought it on ebay but Im sure you can find similar in any shop for photographers. My miniphoto studio wasnt expensive (40 USD), is portable and includes 4 backdrops, lamps and little tripod.

But you can find different types of this mini studio or you can make your own light box and use your own lamps.   I never use the tripod from the studio´s set, so the tripod you see in the photo wasnt bought separately.

3.  PHOTOSHOP – I think ADOBE PHOTOSHOP is the best program for to modificate or  improve your photos and is very easy for users! All my photomontages are made in Photoshop! – http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html

4.  FDQ: IN FOCUS BOOK BY PAT HENRY – http://www.fdqmedia.com/Book.html – There are a lot of books about the digital photography but this book is made for doll collectors! Is very interseting and VERY “beginner friendly”!!! This book explains very well the basic rules and tricks for to make photos of your dolls.  I love it!!! I prefer to learn this book in English 😀 that to ask in Spanish 😀 to my husband (very advanced photographer) because the book is made for amateurs and doll collectors – not for photographers!  Obviously if you are advanced photographer you dont need it but If you are advanced photographer Im sure this blog post it isnt for you :D. 

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  1. you are totaly right I did make some progress as well in photograph I have started my first blog (this in not the dolls stories it will come soon) this one is more of my personal doll growing love. you will see the first pictures I did they were awful but still they are my memory so I kept them and show them now with no shame as they are part of me.
    Hubby bought me a new camera last Christmas and I do feel lot more comfortable with it , I would love to buy the book I am sure this will help.

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