Shoes, shoes, … shoes!

Thanks to my doll collection I learned many new things – to make dolly clothes and jewelry, to make patterns for dolly clothes, reroot, repaint, to put eyelashes, create webs with html codes, to use photoshop and blogs 😀 and also I started to use English :D.  BUT  I have never achieved to learn to make dolly shoes!

I really hate to work with glue 😦 and I havent patience for to make miniature shoes. I think all shoes made by me were terrible 😦 and for the same reason always when I see any handmade dolly shoes Im really amazed. And… Im very lucky because two of my best dolly friends made really fabulous dolly shoes for my dolls!

Here you can see my shoes made by Oscar (Racsso), mexican doll collector.  He started with FR and Nu Face shoes but I just recieved from him one pair of fabulous boots for resin Evangeline Ghastly. I know he just recieved his first Tonnerdoll Yoshio and he is planning to buy 13inch Tonnerdoll Revlon (and may be some 16inch Tonner doll too :D) so I hope soon he will make some gorgeous shoes for them too. I love his creativity and design. His shoes, clothes and caps for 1:6 dolls are really fantastic! Oscar recieves orders for OOAK shoes but, please be patient, obviouslly the fabrication of the miniature shoes takes long time.  I would like to write more about Oscar´s work in the future!!! But in this momment here is his flickr: , his blog: ,
his email:  and the photos of my shoes made by him:

Yes, I know :D,  Im very lucky girl :D! Because other of my best dolly friends is Svetlana (Blacksvetlus), czech doll collector. Her work is really impressive! I love the perfection of all her miniature shoes, purses and jewelry! All her dolls are so elegant and classic! She is collector of 16-17inch dolls but sometimes she makes accessories for 1:6 scale dolls. Im not sure if she recieves orders or but if you are interested in her work here is her Picasa albums: . And here my shoes and purse made by Svetlana:

Well… talking about shoes 😀 I know other fantastic dolly shoemaker – from Spain. She is Ursula Rivero and here you can visit her website: 

And if you would like to read more about “how to make” fashion doll shoes, here is a fantastic blog:

Good luck! 😀

3 thoughts on “Shoes, shoes, … shoes!

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  1. Woah!! luky indeed you are !! I will go right away to look at those addressed you shared.
    I love your Blog it s a fun place to be, and you are right , we do learn a lot thanks to our dolls. :0)

  2. Beautiful shoes Tamara! Please do post more on Oscar (Racsso)’s fabulous work!

    Dir. of SoMe
    Tonner Doll Co., Inc.

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