Claudia – Jonquil Basic – Cami & Jon – Tonnerdoll 2010

Well… I promised not to spend my money on the dolls in the future (because unfortunatelly :DDD my family need human size :DD clothes, shoes, food or other – for dollcollectors –  unimportant things :DD) BUT that would be really cruel, being in Montreal, where lives one of the Tonnerdoll´s dealers and not buy any little souvenir 😀 – saving the shipping cost!!! 😀 – but paying the canadien taxes :((( – little detail without importance :DDD.

I decided to bring with me to Mexico another fantastic doll – Basic Jonquil 2010. I chose this frist edition because I prefer the combination of dark hair and brown eyes… and I really love her make-up.  Now her name is Claudia 😀 and  I am totally in love with her !!! Isnt she fabulous?

 Enjoy the photos!

(The chair by Plaza Mildendo)

and photo made for other Tag game on Flickr 😀 – My doll on my computer (clothes and jewlery by Blackvetlus

4 thoughts on “Claudia – Jonquil Basic – Cami & Jon – Tonnerdoll 2010

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    1. Thank you very much Rita. He is Pablito, my son :D. I really love this photo so I decided to put it as my PC background :D.

  1. Your Claudia is absolutely Faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!! I love her square jaws, this make her a strong and powerful and beautiful lady!
    you photos are excellent what a nice promenade I did thanks

    1. Yes :DDD absolutely Fabulous!!! 😀 Im so happy I bought her! and very happy you like her too! I think she is one of my most beautiful dolls :DDD…

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