Mirka – Basic Dorothy – The Wizard of Oz – Tonnerdoll 2009

After introducing Claudia in this blog I decided to dedicate a little post to all dolls in my collection. And I start with Mirka (Miroslava) – originally Basic Dorothy from 2009 The Wizard of Oz collection by Tonner doll. I named her Mirka as my best friend :D.

I think this doll isnt classic beauty but she is very important for me. All my dolls have character :D, yes, I select it for them, but step by step they take over their “lives” as the characters in novels :D. And Mirka has a very nice nature :D.

When she arrived:

Her photos in my dolly diaries:

One day… I asked to my friend for to learn to put eyelashes to my dolls and I chose Mirka for the intent. Yes, I learned to root eyelashes but the price was really hight :(. Mirka has a tonner teen body and it is really very difficult to remove the head to this body type! First her hair suffered little accident :(… and then… I dont like so heavy eyelashes that my friend put her :(. But I never never never will remove her head again :S.  Poor Mirka 😀 I decided to reward her suffering  buying a handsome boyfriend 😀 – Diego (Brother Dreary).

Mirka with Diego in Teotihuacan 😀

Mirka with eyelashes:

And little bonus :D… photomontage made by my husband. I love it!!!!

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    1. Thank you very much Suzanne! Im really happy you like the photos! Yes Dorothy is very rare beauty. I love her! She has a great personality!

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