Katherine – Hortensia Basic – Cinderella – Tonnerdoll 2006

Kathy was my seventh tonner doll. I bought her in 2007 with  Prince Charming Groom. I wanted any plus size body doll in my collection but I dont like Emme  face sculpt… and I discovered Hortensia. Sincerely the plus size body is terrible :(. It´s very similar to oldest TW body but is little bit more corpulent.

It´s very difficult to make natural poses with this body type :(, but her face sculpt is amazing.  I love her hair colour too!

I liked her hairdo but the clothes I made for my dolls are very casual so I decided to put down it with warm water. Isn´t she fantastic???

Later I decided to change little bit her eye´s with other green tone and put her rooted eyelashes. And here is my actual Kathy… I hate her body (not for the size but for its rigidity :(, but I realy love her face and hair!

And here you can see Kathy´s participation in my dolly diaries:

And more photos in my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40965138@N07/sets/72157623161535586/

BTW: I´m madly in love with the newest Aiko (Uchi-Soto)  – Uchi-Soto –  http://tonnerdoll.com/freedomforfashion.htm

Anybody needs Czech-Spanish translations or classes of Czech language? :DDDD Or I will have to sell my soul for this doll :DDD.


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