Did not receive reply for your email?

Lately I recieved two messages via ebay from our potential clients. They complain about not receiving reply for their emails, emails that I never did receive :(. I really don´t know where is the problem because I created the aol account (when I noticed that our US clients have problems with yahoo.es address)  for to be sure I will recieve all emails and now I have the same problem with both accounts :(.

The problem is that my ebay account was limited for to replied messages about items that aren´t  available in my ebay store so if you didn´t recieve reply for your email, I would like to ask you for to use another way that ebay messages, please!

If you have doubt about the communication with me, please use BOTH email accounts: fritamcz@yahoo.es and plazamildendo@aol.com and you can use other address too: tamaraf@seznam.cz , you can leave me the message via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/Tamushf or via Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40965138@N07/ or simply wrote a comment to this blog. Be sure that I will reply all your emails and comments!

I´m really sorry for this inconvenience, but I don´t want to create another email account for to see if I will recieve all emails or not :(. Yes, I´m busy and I have personal problems but I always reply your mails!!!

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