Radiant in Ruby Charlotte – Tonner doll 2006 – fullfiled dream

When Erika (www.erica.cz) presented me Tonner doll catalog (2006)  I was in heaven! I loved all of the dolls from the catalog BUT one of them left me speechless. Fabulous, elegant, gorgeous, beautiful, perfect Radiant in Ruby Charlotte. I love her smile, her fantastic black hair and nice brown eyes.

official photo from Tonnerdoll web (www.tonnerdoll.com) :


BUT when Erika and me decided to realize our first order I chose another doll – Basic Esme 2006. I left the idea of to buy this Charlotte because I considered her very expensive :S. Now when I see all  my dolls, considering their value, I cannot to believe that I didnt buy her inmediatelly :DDD I had to buy 5 Tonner dolls more for to decide that is impossible to resist more :DDD.

So here is… one of my most beautiful dolls… my fulfilled collector dream :D. Her name in my collection is Mila as my mother 😀 and once again a big thank you to Erika for to help me with her purchase!!!

And Mila´s photos from my dolly diaries:

And more photos of Mila in my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40965138@N07/sets/72157623038173053/

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