The diaries of my tonner dolls :D

In 2006 I was inspired by one of Czech doll collectors for to write diaries of my dolls. I wrote them long time, including new characters always when I  bought any new doll :D. But in that time I knew czech doll collectors only so I wrote the diaries in Czech language. Is really impossible for me to translate them to English and months ago I lost the direction of the story so now when I decided to continue with the stories of my tonnerdoll collection I will start from scratch.

The diaries with the same dolls but with new characters, new stories and in English :D.  Yes, my English is little bit peculiar 😀 but if I write in Czech the diaries would be for Czech collectors only… if I write Spanish the diaries would be for Spanish speaking collectors only (and I know very few spanish speaking tonner doll collectors).  But if I try to write in English the diaries could be read by big part of my collector friends – czech, mexican, spanish, US, canadian, european, asian, …  I hope they will be interested :DDD

My old diaries had a lot of main characters that caused a big chaos :D. I will try to not repeat the mistake 😀 But you know, every new doll want to be protagonist :DDD.  I´m thinking about Mila for the main character… as I wrote in another post she is VERY speciall for me.

I hope I will start soon. Lately I´m paralized. I don´t know why but I cannot to concentrate for sewing :(. And months ago I gave almost all the clothes made by me for my Tonners :(. But 😀 I promise to start ASAP 😀

If you would like to see more photos from my old diaries, please visit my flickr:


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