How to put rooted eyelashes to your Tonnerdoll?

I really love my Tonnerdolls with their original faces but the rooted eyelashes make them even more beautiful. Their faces seem more real and the three-dimensional effect of the real eyelashes looks fabulous in the photos. So when Carlos (Karlo Perez), mexican FR collector, taught me how to root the eyelashes to FR and Barbie dolls I decided to put them to all my female Tonnerdolls.

It´s really very easy, but obviously the process has a risks (- so Im not responsible for any damage you can cause to your doll :()!!! One of them and I think the most dangerous is to remove the doll head :(. Usually it is easy, I use hair dryer for to heat the vinyl, but please be very careful with the doll hair!!! because if the hair will be heat too, you will burn it!!! – everytime use thick towel for to protect it!!!  I had only two problems – both with the teen-body (Bella, Dorothy) – so I do NOT recommend trying to remove the head from that type of body!!!

Well now you will need: thin but hard needles (a lot of needles because is possible that you will broke some of them), black (or brown) saran or nylon hair, scissors, tweezers for jewelry, crotchet hook, styling gel for hair, toothpick and two little hair clips.

First step is to root hole by hole ( I use 4 hair for 1 hole) along the top line of the doll´s eye ( I usually start form the “outside” to the nose). First you root 4 hair to the first hole, then you root another 4 hair to the second hole and then you make a knot (I use the crotchet hook for it) with the 8 rooted hair. I´m not sure if is understunding :(. Im sorry 😦 but this is the classic rerooting method – called knot method –

When the knot is done pull the hair for to place the knot to the inside of the dolly head. Then you will repeat the process for to complete superior eye line.

When you finish the rooting process you will need to curl the eyelashes a little. First I use the scissers for it. For the next step I cut the excess length of the eyelashes – but NOT final lenght!

Next step is to put hair styling gel with the toothpick and curling more the eyelashes. When the gel is dry you can to cut the eyelashes depending of your taste.  I always prefer natural – real look so my dolls have short eyelashes  but depends on you :D. When the cutting is finished you can put the dolly head to the body…  I hope you will like the result!

Before to start rooting eyelashes, please, read this post too:

And here you can see the result on my fabulous Tyler:

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