Another risk – How to put rooted eyelashes to your Tonnerdoll?!!!

I´m sorry, at the anterior post I forgot to mention another risk of the process! When you are making the holes along the superior line of the doll´s eye you had to be very careful because  the holes must be very close for to achieve a beautiful effect. BUT not so close for to prevent a little disaster – unite two or more little holes in BIG one!!!  The vinyl used for Tonnerdoll heads is very good and hard. Generally is very difficult to broke that dolls (head or body) :D, but never abound the precautions! The number of the holes depends on your taste but if you want close eyelashes,  please, use very thin needle and be very careful!

In the case of another doll, Barbie for example, on the contrary the vinyl is very soft so I would prefer to put the holes with more space between them. Ah… and if you would like to remove Barbie head, please consult it with Barbie collectors because that doll has anonther system of her neck so is more difficult!!! and I don´t know do it!!!

Some of my Tonnerdolls with rooted eyelashes:

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