My wishlist – the suffering of one collector…

Two months I´m struggling with myself if I buy another doll or not. I´m sure this conflict is similar in the case of most collectors with families. My problem is that we spent too much money for the visiting of our closed family. My family lives in Czech Republic. The family of my husband lives in Canada and Italy. So lately all our money is destined for the flight tickets and and our real life here in Mexico…

But it´s so cruel to see new and new fabulous dolls. It´s my perdition. I know! I must to be more “adult” and “responsible” because I have a fantastic doll collection with so much gorgeous dolls… I don´t need more…well I think I need some more 😀 but I´m agree that it isn´t the question of death or life.

Obviously if I cannot to buy them inmediatelly I still haven´t lost the hope of to buy them in the future.  While I´m tormenting myself visiting Tonnerdoll web, flickr and ebay for to study the official and real photos of the dolls from my wishlist.  So here is my fabulous wishlist… enjoy and suffer with me :D! Note: All photos are from the Tonnerdoll and Wilde Imatination websites. Aiko – Freedom for Fashion – Tonnerdoll 2011 –  I love all of Freedom for Fashion dolls, but I think Basic Yoshio and Sori Aiko are the most fantastic! I wanted so much Uchi-soto first because she looks really gorgeous in the official photos but when I saw the real photos of Sori Aiko I changed my decision. Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries – Tonnerdoll 2011 – I don´t know The Vampire Diaries, I don´t know the actors from this serie but I love this character figure! and Brains – Wizard of Oz – Tonnerdoll 2010 –  I love Antoinette body and I love DeeAnna sculpt so this is perfect combination for me. Fantastic doll!!! Devotion – Twilight – Tonnerdoll 2010 – Well, is impossible not to know the Twilight books so yes I know the movie and I even know the actor :D! But I don´t like him, I´m sorry! But the doll is other case – it´s fabulous! I had the first edition of Edward made by Tonnerdoll but I was so stupid that I sold him :(. I didn´t want to sell him, but the buyer was so insistent that I decided to accept and now I´m sorry. So I decided to buy Edward again 😀 and Distant Devotion isn´t sold out yet! Amelie – Wilde Imagination – 2011 – She is so cute! And so little! When I discovered her I immediately start to image some cute miniature furniture and accessories for her made specially by Plaza Mildendo. But I´m not sure about her fashion because I hate to sew for 1:6 dolls (they are too little for  me) and Amelie is 4 inch only!!! But I love her! and the furniture woudl be made by Rogelio :DDD.

Well… this is my wishlist … and I could to add some dolls from the Tonner Halloween convention too! So if you meet Santa Claus, please, talk him about me :DDD.

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