Celine – Dollzone Celine – 1/3 doll (58 cm)

Celine was my first ABJD doll… and first 1:3 scale doll. As Plaza Mildendo coordinator I recived a lot of questions about the coffin for SD size dolls, but I needed to have any 1:3 scale doll for to be sure that Rogelio will fabricate the perfect size coffin. Obviously 😀 I suffer so much when I have to buy new type of dolls for Plaza Mildendo :D. I decided to buy one SD doll. I´m Tonner doll collector so I haven´t idea about the ABJD world and sincerelly not all BJD are for me :(.

I love dolls with real faces – so when I discovered Iplehouse I was in heaven… until to discover their prices. And then I discovered Dollzone Celine… the worst decision as investment  (because she has a very rare body so it is very difficult to sell her handmade clothes)  but one of the most beautiful BJD I have seen… oh… ok one of the most beautiful ABJD with acceptable prices I have seen :D.

I really hate the time of fabrication of the ABJD (2-3 months – oh… similar to the time of fabrication of some pieces of furniture by Plaza Mildendo… ups :D). I´m sure I will not the ABJD collector. I like those dolls but not more than my Tonnerdoll. The SD size is too big for me… but yes, I was surprised with the incredible quality of Celine. Later I bought more ABJD dolls from another company and the quality was very different, so the quality depends of the company – Dollzone is really amazing!

So, here are the photos of my Celine – my Celine is normal pink skin –  (original photos in dollzone webpage):And here more photos in my flickr:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/40965138@N07/sets/72157624749633891/

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