New clothes for Blanca – Mildendo´s travel doll

Do you remember Elphaba? Elphaba visited me this year and she traveled with me in Czech Republic and in Mexico. And she inspired me for to buy my own travel doll – Blanca. Blanca visited Canada with me this summer and now when I´m really busy she is little bit bored so when Rachel and Elphaba sent us the invitation for her fantastic vacation in Australia – Tasmania she was really HAPPY! BTW: I´m very envious :D… but unfortunatelly the price of her “flight ticket” is “little bit” cheaper than the price of mine :(.

But you know, is difficult to find clothes and shoes! for Revlon 13 because she cannot use any playline clothes and shoes. So I decided to prepare her new Australian collection:All collection includes two tops, skirt, trousers, dress, two pairs of shoes, two bags, purse and jewelry. All pieces are made for to combinate them for different looks. I love “Manta” – I´m sorry but I don´t the english name of this type of cotton fabric very typicall for Mexico and another countries with hot weather.  I love this fabric for me 😀 so I´m sure Blanca like it too. It´s very confortable and very practical.

All sets of Blanca´s  Australian collection will travel with Blanca to visit Rachel but if you are interested in similar sets for your Cami or Tyler – for example – only let me know. I just preparing the “Manta” collection for Antoinette Tonner doll body too. I really love to work with this fabric.

Well … so now Blanca only must to wait for the January… I hope she will enjoy her trip as I would enjoy it :D.

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