News – clothes commissions and more

Unfortunatelly I have no news about the orders of the furniture :(. The first part of the orders  – I hope – I will recieve on Monday, but I have no idea about the rest of the orders. Please be patient! I take care of your orders! If you have any doubt or question, only let me know!!! I will contact you ASAP when I will have news about your order – when I will recieve your furniture! Because you know, the delivery date changes all the time :(((, as always.

Well… I´m preparing a lot of news in the clothes, jewelry and accessories shop of Plaza Mildendo, but first I must to finish the commissions and the clothes for the presentation of the newest furniture! So here you can see little part of these sets:

Velvet Garnet  (the original set  I made for resin Evangeline Ghastly) for TW – BW Tonner body. Includes: gown, cape, bracelet, necklace and earrings: Modeled by: Colette (Magisterium Mrs. Coulter – The Golden Compass – Tonnerdoll 2007) 

Marqués de la Oscuridad  (very similar set to the male Transilvania Royalty I made months ago) set for Fashion Royalty Homme made for the presentation of the newest and very luxurious divan in 1:6 scale. The set includes: blouse, trousers and necklace.Modeled by: David ( Takeo Mizutani In the Mix – Nu Face – Integrity Toys 2009)

and the trousers and necklace from the Transilvania Royalty set for Matt Tonner body. I must to finish the blouse tomorrow!!! But isn´t Yoshio (Yoshio Basic – Freedom for Fashion – Tonnerdoll 2011) fabulous in the leather? … ok,  leather imitation …   I´m really tired so I decided to dring a bit of red wine and leave the sewing machine until tomorrow…

A big hug for all doll fans, lovers and collectors!

P.S.: Oh… I forgot…  I´m waiting for FOUR new models… yes I´m horrible, terrible and very very bad but you understand me! I completed my wishlist (except Amelia). Four male models…  and two of them alredy arrived to the Mexican territory so I hope I will recieve them next week…

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