My purposes for 2012 and more…

For this post I was inspired by another blog (not dolly blog)  and the need to clarify my ideas and purpose not for 2012 only.  So…

1. to get organized my time!!!!!

2. to start and to learn to use my reflex camara

3. to improve my English and not write/read English only!

4. to stop buy dolls :S Yes I know… but I really spent so much money last year for the dolls and now I need another thinks :(. I completed my whislist so I hope I will be good girl next year :DDD

5. to save more money (and courage) for to attend to any Tonnerdoll convention next year (2013). I wanted to subscribed to the may convention 2013 but then  I decided to wait a little. I know, as my husband says “Nobody knows what will happen” but I prefer to wait one year more and save money for to be able to buy all dolls I will like there :D.

6. to not get angry and neurotic thanks to delivery dates of Mildendo´s furniture! I cannot change it …I cannot change it… I cannot change it!!! So?! I´m angry because I cannot change it :(.  But I must to change my mind… because I have health problems thanks to the stress :(.

7. to find the time for to sew more, to finish a large collection of clothes for Antoinette and Matt body (I love to sew for these bodies), to finish the “beach” collection for all my Tonnerdolls.

8. to make and to present new jewelry collection for all types dolls in my collection. Is really ridiculous that I am not able to do this (only for to be so disorganized) because I love make dolly jewelry and I´m really very fast doing this…

9. to write diaries of my dolls.

10. to learn to fabricate  shoes for my dolls and fimo miniatures!!! The accessories section of Plaza Mildendo is so abandoned!

So once again… Very happy 2012 and good luck for all your purposes!



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