Secrets between vampires – my newest models: Patrick and Victor :D

As I said in the last post I completed my Whislist… and I bought two dolls more apart from that Wishlist. One of them arrived yesterday in the same packet with the doll I sold months ago and I was very sorry for this.

Well I had the first edition of this doll and now I bought another version. But I think this versin is even better – Edward Cullen Distant Devotion. I definitely prefer his hair! And his new name in my collection will be Victor. Edward Cullen Distant Devotion Tonnerdoll - clothes Tonner doll Edward Cullen first edition

The second doll is Stefan Salvatore. I didn´t like him… I always prefered Damon Salvatore doll, but now I´m really happy that I have him in my collection. He is much more better in “person” that in official photos! He isn´t so blond and so white… he is just fabulous!!! His name in my collection will be Patrick. Stefan Salvatore - clothes Tonnerdol Peter Parker

Now I´m waiting for Damon Salvatore and James Collins… I hope they will arrive very soon…

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