Blanca´s trip to Guanajuato (Guanajuato, México)

Before her very exlusive trip to Australia with Rachel Blanca visited Guanajuato with us. Unfortunatelly it was “surprise” trip so she didn´t have any new clothes for this occasion… she was using old top with Plaza Mildendo´s logo, jeans and jacket made by IT for FR Homme 😦 and fabulous bag by Svetlana.

First we visited Parador de San Pedro close to Queretaro where we bought some mexican traditional sweets.Than we went to León for to look for some fabulous boots for me because that city is the real paradise for the shoe´s lovers! We  bought two pairs for me and another pair for Pablito… Blanca was very envious and she didn´t want to pose for the photos there 😀 so I only took one photo at the gas station and finally we traveled to Guanajuato. (I promised her to try to fabricate some similar boots when she will back from Australia :DDD).We arrived to Guanajuato too late and Pablito was not feeling well so we stay at the hotel – eating the traditional sweets we bought in San Pedro. But on Sunday we enjoy the city so much. First we took breakfast in a nice restaurant. Blanca ate her sopes, sweet bread and coffe. And affter the breakfast we visited the icons of this gorgeous city. I think Guanajuato is really one of the most beautiful cities I have visited (in Europe and America!!!). Blanca loves it and me too! I hope we will return in the future!!! Now… to pack for her next trip…

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