The Mexican post office has a little problem with its tracking system. Please don´t worry! I checked all packet with the post office and everythink is OK.  The problem is that the tracking number with “RP” appear in the system as a foreing numbers deliveried in Mexico. It´s system problem only!!! Obvisouly the numbers with “MX” have to be mexican tracking number!!! So is impossible that some of those numbers would be of foreign packet deliveried in Mexico.  I discovered another “crazy” tracking number that appears as mexican packet deliveried in USA before I sent it :S. But is another error because the mexican system registrates more events after the “delivery” and the USPS system shows the way of the packet without problem.

The second problem of the Mexican post service now is that all packets stay 1-2 weeks in mexican aerport after to be sent out of Mexico(depositado en valija). Im not sure about the reason. Im sorry! I think is the new system of mexican customs control. I hope all your packets will deliveried safely! Dont worry Im check daily all tracking numbers of packets sent by me so if I see any problem I will contact the mexican post servie inmediatelly!

Thank you for your patience!!!


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