News – new dresses and jewelry for dolls with Antoinette Tonner body

As always… I´m so sorry for so long silence! Yes, we survived the horrible earthquake last mont (20.3.2012) without damage (without fysical damage, is really impressive but Im still little bit dizzy – well with more then 350 replicas is logical) but I lately have a lot of translations. Fortunately, because you can see that I haven´t recieved any finished order for sell from Rogelio :(. Once more again – A BIG APOLOGIES FOR ALL OUR CLIENTS! AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE!!!

Well, except one order,  I recieved the newest fireplace unit, coffee table and side tables  in 1:4 scale. I didnt present them officialy because I need to be sure if is possible to send it out of Mexico. The fireplace unit is really amazing but  monstruous (size). But I just took the photos and I finished the dresses and jewelry for the presentation.

Ahh… another earthquake more… This morning one really very strong (8.6) in Indonesia and this afternoon another (not so strong fortunately… 6.4)  in Mexico? Happy all of you who live out of the seismically active area…

Ok… back to the dolls :D. All the sets include dress, earrings, ring and bracelet. Two of those sets include the necklace too (presented by Cami and Beauty and Brain). The price is 30 USD + shipping for each set. The sets are OOAK and they are made specially for dolls with Antoinette body by Tonner doll as Cami, Antoinette, Jon, Aiko, etc.

All sets is possible to buy via the website of Plaza Mildendo:

or via ebay:

I hope I will have more news very soon!

Have a great evening!


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