News… the future of Plaza Mildendo

Hi all…

First I´m really sorry for my long silence. Unfortunatelly I had to leave a little this project  for several reasons: you know, the furniture shop was closed because the carpenter wasn´t able to finish the orders from 2011 on time (he finished them in juny 2012!!!). I decided to close the furniture section for new orders until the carpenter finish all previous orders because is really very unpleasant to write excuse to all clients when another person caused the problem.

When the orders from 2011 was finally finished the furniture shop was re-opened. I had to pay to the carpenter for all previous orders but a lot of clients asked me for the more time for the payment. So I was really very happy when I was very bussy with some translations to the Czech. Obvisously for to pay new orders to the carpenter I need money because he is NEVER willing to wait for the payment. The translations resolved the economic problem but they mean less time and atention for Plaza Mildendo… so one day I recieved email from the carpenter where he wrote me that he had decided to start another project (I have no information if is dolly project) and that he will not work for Plaza Mildendo at the future… He also decided to leave the actual orders, also the orders he confirmed.

I was really furious, but now I think it was the better thing what could to happen to Plaza Mildendo. The previous carpenter is really fabulous and very talented artisan but I hate to work with him. I didn´t want to finish our cooperation because I thought that it woudl be the finish of this project, but now when he decided to leave Plaza Mildendo I discover more posibilities for the future of Plaza Mildendo.

I´m looking for another carpenter. Obviously the new carpenter will work differently… may be he wouldn´t be able to work with resin and his miniatures would be less luxurious, but I definitely prefer it. Because my conflicts with the previsous carpenter and with the clients (problems caused thanks to the previous carpenter) was killing my love and passion for dolls and for Plaza Mildendo.

So… at this moment I ordered some pieces to new carpenter and I hope I will presend them very soon. Meanwhile I´m working on new sets of clothes and jewelry for different dolls and I will present the last pieces made by the previous carpenter  I have in stock.

Thank you very much for your understanding!!! Please don´t leave Plaza Mildendo… I promise you this project will survive 😀 and it will be equally beautiful and attractive for you, its clients!


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