Carolina – Check This Out Sydney Chase – Tonnerdoll 2006

This Sydney is my first (and unique) Tonnerdoll I decided to reroot because I always wanted her with black hair. I know, they exist original sydney dolls with black hair  but I really love the face of Check This Out and her price was very friendly too.

I remove her hair, I bought nice black long hair  and specially tool for rerooting and I started to work. It was really horrible!!!  And when I discovered that the rerooting made with that “special magic tool” works only if you never will brush the hair of your doll (even if you use the glue 😦 ) I decided to remove the new hair too and I bought some wigs for my poor Sydney :(.

Months ago, when I was cleening my doll collection, I decided to give some Haute Doll Magazine to my dolly friend Omar who collects them.  He usually do reroot for barbie, fashion royalty or lilyledy dolls so he wanted to “pay me” for the magazines with some rerooting. I really hate to reroot small dolls but Tonnerdoll are impossible 😀 so I asked him about the reroot for my gorgeous Check This Out Sydney. He was agree (obviously he had no experience with Tonnerdoll heads :DDD).

Now I have my fabulous rerooted Sydney at home. Omar says that it was his  first and LAST rerooting of Tonnerdoll head :DDD but I´m so happy. Now when I put her rooted eyelashes too, My Sydney looks exactlly I wanted her (well, I would prefer Antoinette body for her but I really  love her head).  Isn´t she beautiful?…. Definitely one of my most beautiful Tonnerdolls….


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