Basic patterns for Revlon 13 doll

1. all patterns are made by me… so they aren´t professional patterns!!!

2. these patterns aren´t professional … so please, use them for your personal use ONLY!

3. all patterns are without allowance!

4. the number of pieces, I wrote, you have to cut  is for the clothes without lining! (except the pattern “C”! If you would like to make lining you will have to cut another set of pieces.

5. the patterns are drawn on legal size page (21,59 cm x 35, 56 cm)

Example of the clothes made with these patterns:

7 thoughts on “Basic patterns for Revlon 13 doll

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  1. Nice job! The outfits are lovely. I’m collecting Barbies, that need “rescued” from the shelves at local “Goodwill” Stores, cleaning them up, making them a small wardrobe and giving them to needy children front local schools to the children’s hospital in Seattle. I’m excited to use some of your patterns.
    Thanks for you generosity. I’ll try to remember to take pics and show them to you!

    1. Thank you very much for your message! Its wonderful to know that my patterns serve to you and more for this nice cause!
      Happy 2015!

  2. thank you also.. I also do rescued Barbies and Kellys and inbetween dolls… Your patterns work great for these.. My rescued dolls are cleaned and fix and ready to be loved again.. and donated to a Toy drive.. They always seem to be naked.. oh my… I can sew , so thanks for all these patterns. I dont know for sure what I would have done without them.. MLe, from Oregon Coast

    1. Thank you very much for your message!!! Im really happy the patterns work for Barbie too. Have fun with the sewing!

  3. I love these dolls from Tonner. I’ve mostly been adapting Barbie patterns for them, but I’m looking forward to trying your patterns. They’re really nice! Thank you for sharing them.

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