Christmas Gift swap – Chicas Wu Forum

In November I decided to participate in the Christmas Gift Swap organizated by Chicas Wu Forum (Forum of spanish speaking collectors of IT dolls). First  I recieved some questions about my doll collection and my tastes.   This my questionary was sent to my “Secret Santa” and I recieved another one for to choose the best gift I would send as “Secret Santa” to my “Secret Friend” :D.

First I wanted to fabricate some clothes, but I have no FR dolls and my “secret friend” answered at his questionary that he would love to recieve shoes or handbags…. so I decided to fabricate three handbags for his Avantguard Doll.


My gift arrived last week…I know, the christmas post service is really terrible but in the case of the packet sent from Spain with my christmast gift the problem wasn´t the post service… the BIG problem was our new postman. I really hope now he know me (I reported his lack of professionalism with his boss) he will change his work style inmediately!!!!!!!!  I´m angry! I loved our ex-postman! He is so professional and so nice man!!!

But… the good news is that I finally rescued the packet from the post office and I could to open it …  This gift is from my “Secret Santa” from Miguel Angel (Spanish IT collector and great friend) and it is a FABULOUS knitted set of sweater and skirt by Paul Zhangby. MUCHAS GRACIAS NUEVAMENTE, MIGUEL!!!


Here you can see the rest of the photos I made for Chicas Wu Forum:

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