News – La Ciudad Collection for dolls with Antoinette body by Tonnerdoll

Finally… I can to present you the newest collection I called “La Ciudad”. I started to work on it on octubre!!! Fortunately I have a lot of translations and new students so my 2012 finished so well and the 2013 have started even better, but I haven´t time for my dolls. So I´m really happy I can present you something finished:


La Ciudad Collection includes 4 complete outfits (formed by trousers, lined blouse, handbag, earrings, ring and bracelet), 4 handbags  and for jewelry sets you can order separately. piel1ant1 piel2ant1 piel3ant2piel4ant1

These sets  are handmade specially for dolls  with Tonner Antoinette body (Antoinette, Cami, Jon, Rose, Aiko, etc) and similar characters.  Each complete set of outfit, jewelry and handbag costs 40 USD + shipping (5 USD for USA, 7 USD for Canada, Latin America and Europe, 11 USD for another destination).


More information –


More information –


More information –


More information –

These sets are available on ebay in this momment:


Are you interested in the handgas only? No problem. Each of them is handmade and costs 15 USD + shipping. Here you can find more informatin:

And click here: if you are interested in the jewelry only.

Enjoy!!! Thank you for your visit!

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