Maite – Fit to Print Anais McNight – FR:16 – Integrity Toys (2012)

You know, I´m a big fan of Tonnerdoll, but I finally decided to buy one of 1:4 scale dolls made by Integrity Toys. My favourite FR:16 is Anais McNight. Weeks ago I discovered her in The Dollpage for very good price. NRFB  for 150 USD with included shipping from Europe!!! Obviously I didn´t want to lost that opportunity :D. And it was a great decision!


I was little bit surprised because I saw that a lot of sellers offer the same clothes for FR:16 and Tonner Tyler or Antoinette, but the FR:16 body is really different. She is taller and she has bigger bust but thinner torso! Her legs and arms are longer! Her calf is wider and longer! And her foot has a very different inclination! I made comparations photos with Antoinette body, BW Tyler body, FR:16, Vinyl EG (first generation) and Resin EG (first generation).

comparacion1 comparacion2 comparacion3

Well the FR:16 body is different but I really love it! Not the material used for it 😦 but its flexibility is amazing. I LOVE the possibility of to use flat or high heel foot! I don´t like her original make-up so I decide to changed it slightly. And… here is my Maite:


And then I played with her testing which clothes she can use… yes, she can use all Tyler´s clothes but they don´t fit perfectly!!! and the pants are short.  I´m not sure if she can use Tyler´s corsets!!! She can use some of clothes made for antoinette body but not all!!! No corset, no non-elastic bra! The elastic fabric are better in the case of the tops! The pants and the long dresses are too short for FR:16!!! She can use clothes made for vinyl Evangeline (the lingerie of eternal evangeline fits her perfectly!!!) and some of the clothes made for resin Evangeline but they don´t fit perfectly.

There are some photos:

maite5 maite7 maite8 maite92 maite94 maite95 maite98 maite994

About jewelry – the jewelry made for Tyler and Antoinette fit her prefectly, except the ring. The ring made for Antoinette is too big. The jewelry made for Evangeline (resin o vinyl) is oversized for her.


Well I hope this comparation will be useful for you… and in the next post about Maite I will present her with another changes. I eliminated a pearl part of her exaggerated make-up and I made her french manicure :D. I´m sorry but at this momment I have only this “unofficial”photo:


Note: all sets of clothes and jewelry you see at the photos (except the IT original clothes from the first two photos) are made by me and they are available at Plaza Mildendo:


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