Ciruelas en chocolate – New collection for Revlon 13

Some months ago Blanca, my travel doll, returned from her fantastic trip to Tasmania and Australia (part I and part II). In August she visited La Marquesa, but now she is already very bored with me, here in Mexico. Yes, Mexico is amazing country, but I have no vacations and no time for interesting trips. So Blanca decided to  contact one of my great dolly friends in the Czech Republic – Lenka from Dolls-doll  – and then she started to plan her newest transatlantic voyage :D.

The problem was that Blanca had summer clothes only and the spring  weather in the Czech Republic is a little bit colder. So I started to work on the new collection for her: Ciruelas en chocolate (plums in chocolate) :D. I really love the violet and brown colours… and I think, they look fabulous together.


The collection includes three different sets of clothing that can be combined together, two handbags and one  jewelry set. All pieces are hand made by me, specially for Revlon 13´body by Tonnerdoll.

blanca_cz1 blanca_cz4 blanca_cz19 blanca_cz22 blanca_cz31 blanca_cz34

And another (“unicolor”) combinations:

blanca_cz13 blanca_cz16 blanca_cz7 blanca_cz10 blanca_cz25 blanca_cz28

The sets made for Blanca are not for sale.  She will use them for her trip to Europe. But if you are interested in any similar clothes for your dolls (with Revlon 13 body or another one), only let me know…  I love the violet-brown combination so much, so I´m sure I will make more similar clothes for 16 inch dolls soon.

Well… Blanca and I have to pack… so nice March for everyone!


PS: more Blanca´s photos on my Flickr:

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