San Valentin Gift swap – Chicas Wu Forum

In November I decided to participate in the Christmas Gift Swap organizated by Chicas Wu Forum (Forum of spanish speaking collectors of IT dolls) and I really enjoyed it so much. Here you can see the post about my contribution and the gift I recieved from my secret santa: So when the administrator of the group asked about our interest in another similar gift swap for San Valentin I obviously said YES.

When I recieved the questionnaire of the collector  for which I was to be the “Secret Valentine”  I felt a little intimidated, because I´m her fan and I admire her work –  Beatriz from Del Molto Amore. She is a great spanish fashion designer for 12 inch dolls (and for real people :D) and she fabricates jewelry and handbags too … so???  I have a great idea… I had in stock one of the fabulous chairs made by Rogelio  in 1:6 scale – perfect accessory for thephoto shoot of her new collection for 12 inch dolls.

I included also a little Mildendo´s shopping bag, a pair of earrings and hand made card.


My gift arrived this week… and what a surprise! My “Secret Valentine” was Beatriz too :D.  Obvisously, I recieved one of her fantastic creations – but for my 16 inch dolls!  amigoinvisible_valentin3amigoinvisible_valentin4

The set includes pants, T-shirt, belt, headband and earrings.


More about Beatriz and her creations:

Here you can see the very similar outfit made by Bea, but for 12 inch dolls:

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