Collectors of fashion doll vs. collectors of action figures

Yes, I´m fashion doll collector. I love to create clothes, jewelry and fashion accessories for my dolls. I usually look for my inspiration in fashion magazines or fashion blogs. But I´m not fascinated by real fashion world, I´m fascinated by MINIATURE world. So I really love to follow the different branches of this hobby – fashion dolls, miniatures, doll houses or action figures.

Lately is normal to see action figures in the collections of the fashion doll collectors. And sometime is possible to see barbie or ken doll as a part of the action crew. But the fashion doll community and the action figures community generally don´t cooperate too much.  And I think it´s a pity, because we can to learn so much each other.

Of course, your fashion dolls don´t want to use military uniforme (out of the thematic photo shoot :D), but at the action figures community you can learn to fabricate very realistic accessories and then you will use the similar technique for to made the fashion handbags, belts or design furniture for your dolls.  Of course, the action figures will not use the high heel and red carpet gown for the combat (even if is originally barbie doll :D) but at the fashion doll community an action figures collector will learn to make patterns or  the tricks of the fashion couture for to fabricate easilly more realistic uniforms… etc, etc, etc…

We are both little bit freak :D… and our miniature worlds are very similar!

Well… But why am I writing this novel (I´m sorry I  can not write briefly, even in my czech-spanglish!) Months ago I met personally one of my two very appreciated friends – action figures collectors – GUSTAVO. And he gave me a lot of fabulous accessories for my (very pacifists :D) dolls… I took pictures of all things, but I forgot to publish them. And last week I discovered the fantastic photos of the celebration of  “PREMIOS UN SEXTO SENTIDO 2012” (awards of the Un sexto sentido forum – forum for spanishspeaking action figures collectors), where one of the nominated was also Gustavo! Congratulation!!! And another CONGRATULATION  to my another very appreciated friend PACO for the AMAZING story,  incredible!!!

Of course, at that time I remembered the gift from Gustavo and immediately I decided to publish the photos of fantastic leather accessories made by Gustavo modeled by my approx. 1:6 scale FASHION dolls – Miss Revlon 13 by Tonnerdoll and Francisco León Fashion Royalty Homme by Integrity Toys. Enjoy!


Are you interested in any commissions by Gustavo? Here is his FB:

and greetings for all action figures collectors 😀

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