My Cami is teaching the Czech language with me :D

Lately I have no time for my dolls… You can see it here in the blog or worse in the Plaza Mildendo´s website :(. I´m really sorry, but when Rogelio dediced to leave Plaza Mildendo everything changed. I had to put more atention to my “real” job – translations to the Czech language and Czech language lessons. No relations with the dolls…

The good news is that I have so much students now. And all of them are fabulous and very clever people so I enjoy so much to teach them. But the bad news is that all my dolls are closed nude at their boxies and Plaza Mildendo is very abandoned because when I’m not teaching I’m taking care of my little son.

But I really miss my dolly time… SO I had a great idea 😀 some of my students asked me for some simple and practical texts in Czech… something very “light” and funny apart from the texts of the book. I remembered my dolly diaries… and thus was born the story of Kateřina (my Basic Blond Cami – first generation – litllte bit modificated) I publish on my another blog – Czechmex.


Here I wrote three short stories in the Czech language about Kateřina (Cami), Claudia (Basic Jon – first generation) and Karolína (Check This Out  Sydney – modificated) – My students and another blog readers voted for to decide which of the dolls will be the main caracter of the stories. They chose Kateřina 😀 – Cami.

I just uploaded two chapters. All of the post with the Kateřina´s stories have the simple czech text, audio with the same text, czech-spanish vocabulary and the photo of course :D.  I think the reaction of the blog readers was very nice. They aren´t doll collectors or doll lovers, but they appreciate the texts and they are interested in the future of Kateřina :D. Kateřina isn´t doll only… 😀 So I´m really very happy. I could connect two of my big but very divergent pasions – dolls and Czech lessons.  Incredible :DDD.

Kateřina and her Dad in Brno :D
Kateřina and her Dad in Brno 😀

Anybody want to learn Czech language with Kateřina? 😀

All chapters:

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