N. I. by T. F.

First, I´m really sorry for my very long silence!

When I wrote about the future of Plaza Mildendo here one year ago, I really wanted to find new carpenter and revive the proyect with him, but I was so disillusioned that I put more atention to my real job… I almost left the world of dolls. My passion for the fashion dolls was severely affected and I also sold a lot of them :(.  I really hated to think about Plaza Mildendo. But so far I was able to leave it – finally.  Plaza Mildendo is closed! But I feel so relieved now! I can breathe more easily! I think I finally can to play with my dolls and create for them again. No furniture, no irresponsable e impuntual carpenter = no stress for me = new start.


New start = Nuevo inicio = N. I.=   N. I. by T. F.  –  My new dolly (not only because I would like to add creations for humans :D) project. T. F. because I´m the only person behind this project.

Obviously, I’m aware that without the fabulous Mildendo´s furniture my project is only one more in the dolly world. But the dolls are my hobby and my therapy, not real job, so I really prefer not to sell anything to be stressed about working with a new carpenter. I would like to feel again the same passion for this hobby as before Plaza Mildendo.

For the same reason I decided to created new name, new logo, new design and new website. I have no relation with Mildendo Furniture and I really don´t want to have it!

Thank you very much for your understanding and support!

T. F.

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