Michelle – My Déjà Vu – web exclusive – Déjà Vu Collection by Tonnerdoll 2013

I had really horrible two months. Every day there are demonstrations near the house. Daily we are kidnapped in the middle of a ridiculous theater protagonized by politicians, police and  protester (managed by another politicians) – all of them very unpleasant. We was extorted across the telephone – again – something very common in Mexico: (. My son is sick all the time so I´m 24 hours with him. When he is not sick I’m sick or muy husband is sick. More than a year I have working six days week  without taking a vacation. I have three years of not going to Prague and two years have not been out of Mexico. I’m really very very tired. First time (in 10 years) I´m seriously thinking about to leave Mexico…

So I decided it’s time to brighten my life a little. First I was thinking about some other male doll but in the end, when I saw the actual photos of the new  Tonnerdoll girl, I prefered her. And I’m really delighted.

What a gorgeous doll …


And now… why I called my Déjà Vu Michelle? Well, I chose that name the same moment I decided to buy the doll. One of my big passions are the dolls and the another one are the languages (Spanish and Czech, above all) so when I discovered that one of my students is a teacher of French and Portuguese languages, I offered her the language exchange between Czech and French.  So I started to study French … and I love it… obviously my new doll had to be French with some very french name :D.

And another coincidence… or not? I’m not patient enough and both of the systems (Tonnerdirect and USPS) that inform about the status of the packet  were not reporting any movement almost a week (tecnical problem only because I received my doll very quickly), so I wrote to Tonnerdoll and I was attended by a very nice and very patient girl named Michelle :D. No way… my Déjà Vu´s name is Michelle.


Déjà Vu body…  (comparations: HERE)

dejavu_telo1 dejavu_telo2

And more Déjà Vu…

dejavu_cara1dejavu1x dejavu1y dejavu1z

2 thoughts on “Michelle – My Déjà Vu – web exclusive – Déjà Vu Collection by Tonnerdoll 2013

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  1. Hello
    So sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope things get better very soon.
    I wasn’t sure if I liked the new line of dolls, but she looks beautiful and I am sure she will bring a lot of joy to you.
    Very best wishes to you

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, the Deja Vu is little bit different. She isnt the clasical Tonner girl but she is fabulous. I love her.
      Thank you very much for all your comments.
      Best wishes to you too!

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