The Loneliness – My entry to Déjà Vu contest

Well… my story wasn´t selected as one of the favorites (you can vote for your favorite story and photo here:–vu-Contest—Win-a-Doll-.html?soid=1101884918625&aid=ihsDQoK6OAU  ) but I really enjoyed to write it so if you are interested in another Déjà Vu story, here is my contribution :D.

The Loneliness …

My name is Marie Michelle of Châtillon. I am one of the ladies of my cousins’ court. My cousin is wife of the County of Luxemburg, Margrave of Moravia and the future King of Bohemia – Charles IV. I was born in Paris, on 18th of May of 1316, the same year as my cousin Blanche and only four days after her husband. I´m part of the same family as Blanche of Valois, I grew up with her at the French court and everyone says that we are so similar – blond hair, very white skin and a very fragile look… but, I´m not Blanche. I am not cousin of the King of France, I´m only the cousin of the fabulous and beautiful cousin of the King of France – Blanche of Valois.

I understand. The so ambitious king of Bohemia, John the Blind, the eldest son of the Holy Roman Emperor, wants to see his son as close as possible to the King of France. I am only another courtesan.

I met Wenceslaus, who is now called Charles IV in honor of the King of France, when he came to Paris in 1323. We were only 7 years old.  We had no idea about politics, ambitions or love.

Very soon Charles IV was engaged to Blanche. The situation changed completely. After their marriage, Blanche returned to her parents’ castle. Charles was left to study in Paris, close to me. We became excellent friends but I never realized I was in love with him until Charles, Blanche and I, as Blanche´s courtesan, gathered in Luxemburg. For the first time I was very, very jealous.

The following years I spent with Blanche in Luxemburg, but Charles joined his haughty father to Italy. Finally, Charles became the future king of Bohemia so in 1333 he returned to his native Prague. I was 18 years old when I came to this magical city and I have never felt as alone as I do here. The local people are very distant and I don´t understand the language and their culture. Charles forgot our friendship. Now I am another boring and annoying lady of the court of his beloved wife. Why? They were married for political reasons only. It is not possible that he would have loved her so much in so little time.

I accepted to come to Prague to be close to him. I accept my situation but I cannot accept the fact that he really loves Blanche. I just received a notice regarding the return of all French courtesans to Paris. The Czech nobles don’t want us in Prague and Charles agrees. He doesn’t love me and now I know that he isn´t interested in being close to me.

I will not return to France. It doesn´t matter if he forgets me completely… I want to be close to him forever.

I really love to observe the dark Vltava River from the Judith Bridge.

The best place to end my loneliness…

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