My Déjà Vu vs. wigs (Evangeline Ghastly and Monique Gold Collection)

Yes, I really love my Deja vu´s “non”removable wig, but…  if this doll will travel in the time she has to be more flexible :D. For example… I would like to sew some gothic costume (14 century) for her and I never have seen gothic lady with fringe hair :(… Definitely I need another styling for the medieval costumes.

So… I decided to make the “non” removable wig as removable. The wig was glued so I had to be very careful, slow and very patient, but it was easy.deja_vu_wig92

Years ago I bought different wigs for my Evangeline Ghastly and for one of my wigged Tonner dolls. EG uses 6-7 inch wigs that fit to Deja Vu, but they are too big.  I definitely prefer the 5-6 inch wigs for her. The problem is that I have only two 5-6 inch wigs and both are black… so I will use the EG´s wigs for the photo shootings with my Deja Vu and in the future I hope I will buy more different wigs especially for her.deja_vu_wig1

Monique Gold Collection – Paige – Off Black – 5-6 inch        deja_vu_wig9

Monique Gold Collection – Ginger – Off Black – 5-6 inch      (I LOVE THIS ONE)deja_vu_wig91

Wilde Imaginarion – original wig for Eternal Evangeline, Too (vinyl doll) – 6 inch (ANOTHER OF MY FAVOURITE LOOKS – MAYBE MY NUMBER ONE :))deja_vu_wig5

Wilde Imagination – Dark Night Wig Collection – Moon Glow Wig (resin doll) – 6-7 inchdeja_vu_wig4

Wilde Imagination – Dark Night Wig Collection – Ebony Epitaph Wig (resin doll) – 6-7 inch  ( 😦 )deja_vu_wig3

Wilde Imagination – Dark Night Wig Collection – Windblown Wig (resin doll) – 6-7 inch deja_vu_wig2

Monique Gold Collection – Tori – Chocolate Red – 6-7 inch   (SHE LOOKS FABULOUS WITH THIS ONE)deja_vu_wig8

Monique Gold Collection – Ginger – Brn Blk & Hny Bld – 6-7 inch   deja_vu_wig7

Monique Gold Collection – Pretty Girl – Off Black – 6-7 inch   deja_vu_wig6


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