Christmas Gift swap 2013 – Chicas Wu Forum

This is my third gift swap with Chicas Wu Forum (Forum of spanish speaking collectors of IT dolls). If  interested, please, check the posts about Christmas Gift Swap 2012 and San Valentin Gift Swap 2013.

When I recieved the questionnaire of the collector  for which I was to be the “Secret Santa” I was really happy becaise I know she has “big” dolls in her collection. Yes, I hate to sew for 1:6 dolls :D…  so, fabulous… I could to fabricate some gift for FR16 body 😀 – something turquoise , because turquoise colour appeared on the questionnaire as the favourite colour.

And here is:

amigo_invisible0 amigo_invisible8More information: News – Turquesa – outfit and jewelry for dolls with FR16 by IT

My gift arrived this week… my “Secret Santa” was Carmen.  And I recieved from her a lot of fabulous beads for to create a lot of fabulous jewelry for dolls :D. I´m really happy with this gift – the best gift for somebody who loves handcrafts is the material :DDD… My flat is full of fabrics, sequins, threads and beads :DDD and I never have enough!!!.

IMG_3473 IMG_3474


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