Back in Mexico – presents from my Czech friends and some news from my dolly world

Well.. I´m at home. Very busy so I didn´t post all photos from Blanca´s trip to the Czech Republic and definitely I have no time for to make some new outfits or accessories :(. But! I miss my dolls so much, so yesterday I decided to leave the translations for a moment, I took the camara and I played a little.

michelle1What´s new? You can see… First, my fabulous Michelle has a new wig. When Tonnerdoll presented the newest collection I was in love with basic Lady Arabella, but! she is wigged, she is cameo and I have two Déjà Vu dolls so another with the same face? Nop… I prefer to save my money for Gerald/Trevor :D…  But, Lady Arabella is amazing… what a fantastic hair… so, I decided to buy similar, but blond,  wig for my Michelle (My Déjà Vu). I was so happy to find this fantastic Christine wig by Monique in Dolls-doll e-shop owned by my good friends, doll colleccionists and great persons I met during my visit to the Czech Republic! BTW: REALLY VERY RECOMMENDED SHOP!!! especially for the collectors from the European Union.

michelle2Yes, my Michelle has a new hands too! I love them all :D. I took advantage of the occasion and I did french manicure to all four pairs of different hands, my Déjà Vu girls will use, and Michelle´s pedicure.

michelle3Do you see Michelle´s incredible shoes and bag? It´s a present from my great and really talented friend Svetlana. YES, THE SET IS HANDMADE, SVETLANA FABRICATED IT. I visit her house and I have a lot of photos of Blanca posing with Svetlana´s amazing doll collection,but they will be presented in another post.

michelle4Of course, Michelle has a horrible new dress I made very very quickly. I don´t like it, but in this ocasion the idea was to show accessories only, not dress… The jewelry was made by me originally for my Travel doll Blanca. Talking about Blanca!!! she recieved two fabulous pairs of shoes from my friends from Dolls-doll e-shop. Those pairs are originally for FR2 (dolls by Integrity Toys)!!! and fit really great to Revlon 13.

blanca1 blanca2 blanca3 blanca4Now… all the fantastic stuff at the table :D. Fabulous fimo miniature and beaded christmas ornaments by my great friend and Czech  dolly “Guru” Erika, the sweet pink box by Svetlana, the wig cap by Monique from Dolls-doll e-shop and a lot of metal components and more from Erika y Dolls-doll e-shop.

miniatury0 miniatury1

DÍKY MOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And now… more Michele´s photos:

michelle50michelle5 michelle6 michelle7 michelle8 michelle9 michelle91 michelle92 michelle93


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