Judy´s debut – My entry to the second Déjà Vu contest

Well… my story didn´t win (you can read winner stories here: http://www.tonnerdoll.com/deja-vu-story-contest-get-know-judy-watson ) but I really enjoyed to write it, so if you are interested in another Déjà Vu story, here is my contribution 😀.


As she stood backstage, Judy could hear the stomp of the other models trotting down the runway. Oh! To be a fashion model in Paris! Judy was thrilled to be a part of such a glamorous world – especially since she was really just a shy, small town farm girl. Just then, Judy received her cue from the show director, and she began to march toward the bright lights and the dignified applause, when…

…just in the first line she saw HER… She looked fabulous, as always – so elegant and perfect.

Judy knew that Coco Chanel would be in the fashion show, but it was so magnifique to see her there. Yes, magnifique. The perfect word to describe the moment. Judy was here, in Paris, working in one of the most important fashion shows, wearing one of the most beautiful dresses from the summer collection and Coco Chanel, her idol, would be looking at her in just a little moment. “Tout simplement magnifique!

Judy breathed deeply and as the air filled her body she felt peace invading her. The reason she always wanted to be model was just this sensation of peace and freedom. She felt wonderful and she looked even better. As if the exit to the runway was a portal to another world – very bright and luxurious world. Judy was one of the shiny stars of that amazing world. Everything was so perfect.


When Judy came back to the backstage the magic disappeared. The portal between the magical world of the delicious peace and the world of the hysterical chaos was closed. She felt a little disappointed. But only just a second because the show director brought her back to the reality: “Mon Dieu” Judy, wake up! You need to dress up for your next ensemble. Faîtes-le maintenant!

Judy ran to the clothes rack but she didn´t see her second outfit. Fabulous black skirt and white jacket, she loved them from the first minute she saw them. Where can they be? Anne-Marie probably knows. She knows everything. “Judy turned around to look for her” Anne-Marie? At the same moment Judy saw her fabulous black and white ensemble… used by Géraldine! Impossible! Géraldine again!

Géraldine realized that Judy was watching her so first she smiled sweetly, then did a provocative pose and she left. Judy started looking for another dress with her name. Nothing. Judy felt sadness. What a disappointment. It´s over! She started to undo her hairdo when Anne-Marie ran to her. „Mais que vous faites? What are you doing?“ „I just finished. Géraldine has my second ensemble“, replied Judy. „No no no! Judy, Monsieur Valois saw you on the catwalk and changed his mind. You will close the show with that spectacular red gown.“

„Oh, seriously? That´s fantastic! Merci beaucoup, Anne-Marie. Judy couldn´t resist kissing Anne-Marie. „De rien, ma Chérie!“ Anne-Marie smiled and pointed to the fabulous red dress. „Tick tock tick tock… You already have only five minutes!“


My previous participation in the first Déjà Vu contest: https://nibytf.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/the-loneliness-my-entry-to-deja-vu-contest/

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