Marguerite – my second travel doll

If you read my blog, I´m sure, you know Blanca, my first travel doll. If not I invite you to see all her photos here:

Well, Blanca is really very lucky girl :D. She was in Tasmania and Australia with Rachel,  she  visited Montreal, Ottawa, El Paso and Czech Republic with me. She also traveled a lot in Mexico. Just now Blanca is on vacation in Spain with one of my spanish friends. She will be back to Mexico in January.


So now when Blanca is in Europe I need another fabulous travel doll for my Christmas trip. Obviously.

Blanca is Revlon 13, she has the perfect size for to travel, but I always prefer 16 inch dolls. In this moment I´m still obsessed with Deja Vu dolls and I really love sew for them so the decision was very easy.

I have only two Deja Vu dolls – the first My Deja Vu (Michelle) and Around Town (Marguerite). The first one is wiged and I think it would be uncomfortable to use wigs in the nature or in the sea… no way my new travel doll will be Marguerite :).

Here she is…  Marguerite Valois – ready for our first trip in a few days – Tajín, Veracruz, México.



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