News… or just greetings from Mexico.

Well… I was a very busy with some translations and my mother´s visit so I had no time for my dolls. But finally I have some news…

1. My mother brought me to Mexico a gift from Svetlana (aca Blacksvetlus). Fabulous 1:4 handbag and nice little christmas tree.  I wanted to present the handbag with some new set for Deja Vu, but…  IMG_4310

2. The Haute Doll Magazine featured one of my creations on their FB page so I sold inmediatelly the Katarina Dia de Muertos set for FR16 (THANK YOU) and …  katalina2c2

3. I changed my minds. I decided to create the “handbag presentation set” for my fabulous FR16. I´m still working on it :(…  riviera3_3

4. A long time ago I decided to don´t buy Phineas and I always thought it was bad decision. It´s impossible to find him for reasonable price. But finally I found him – in Australia! So in this moment my Phineas is traveling to Mexico 🙂 and Marguerite is really very happy because he will be her new travel friend :D. $_57 (2)

5. … and… I know that if I post my creations on internet a lot of people can use them for take inspiration and somebody could simply copy them. Yes, I love to see the work of others but I never ever copy. Even if I inspire my creation in another dolly artist work I put the information in the description. So when I found this today I was in shock:  11008807_629298930540621_2823904483075056537_o

Here you can see MY creation and MY design created one year ago: playa_dj0playa_dj8janeen1

In fact the Playa Paraiso sets were inspired in MY another original design I made very long time ago for Hot Toys girls and that I planning to re-use for 16 inch dolls tooingrid_blanco

I’m not sure I should say in the matter… I know the lady who copied my design and she is really very nice person but …

I´m pretty sure that her creation was commission ordered by somebody who had sent her photos of my creations because I could see this modus of operation between some collectors. The client sees some nice design, but don´t buy it, only downloads the photo and sends it to some friend who will copy it for him. But I don´t know… I´m not agree.

At least… If I see any design I love, first I contact the person who created it. If that person doesn´t want to make commissions (not my case because the white set you can see on the photos I made as commission!) I ask for the permission for copy the design by me or another artist and the conditions for it.  When the copy is made I will put the name and contact of the person who designed the ORIGINAL.

I´m sorry. Any other way isn´t ethical!  There is nothing I can do but I feel used...

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