News… or just summer greetings from Mexico.

Well, the same story… I was really very busy so I haven´t had any time for my dolls :(.  But it´s time to play a little.

When I´m very busy and I cannot  create for dolls, my only dolly activity is checking Ebay and Mister Dollface. Very dangerous. Obviously I bought some fantastic toys… and dolls.

1- Do you like the new Wilde boy? I don´t because I love Rufus :D. I´m obsessed with Rufus. I haven´t bought him because his head is too big and I´m not collector of Ellowyne… But, when I see the new Ellowynne friend , I suppose, WI will not sell Rufus more, so I decide to buy him immediately. And what a great news: my favourite canadian seller (Collections Rose & Rouge)  sold him on ebay.  Now my Candlelight Basic Rufus is on the way to Mexico 😀


2- I don´t understand why Ellowyne collectors generally don´t like Rufus. He is amazing and his story is so Ellowyne :). Ok… I have mine before it will be impossible to find him. Now he needs HIS Ellowyne :), because my Rufus will be HAPPY Rufus :D. No way 🙂 I had to buy one fabulous Ellowyne and now she is on the way too.


3- Yes, more toys. Now toys for toys. I discovered fabulous miniatures for my travel dolls, Kasim and Margueritte. First one is a fantastic Macbook in 1:4 scale and the second one is amazing miniature camara with interchangeable lens.

IMG_6167 IMG_6169

And photos with dolls… Those miniatures are so realistic!


Clothes, shoes, bracelet – Tonnerdoll
Furniture – Plaza Mildendo
Bed clothing – N.I. by T.F.
Miniature food – Erika Holubova and Rement
Curtain – Pineda Covalin :D… it´s my fabulous Pineda Covalin scarf
Guitars – ?

kasim_camara margaritte_mac


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