Kasim (Phin, Imperium Park) by Wilde Imagination

Kasim is originally Basic Phin from Imperium Park collection 2012 by Wilde Imagination. I´m Tonnerdoll collector so I usually don´t buy Wilde dolls. They have so big head for me. But the Deja Vu dolls changed it all :).

I don´t like Tonner boys posing with Deja Vu. They look rare together. But then I saw Penelope and Jules :). And I decided that if Tonnerdoll would not present Deja Vu boy quickly, I must have Phin too! The problem was that he was sold out years ago and it´s very rare to see him for sale for reasonable price.

I was so happy when I won him on ebay australia and because I was the only one bidder I bought him with another fantastic original sold out outfit for really amazing price.

So here is… my fabulous Kasim: kasim1 kasim2 kasim3 kasim4

Kasim in his second original outfit – Air Ship Captain:  kasim8kasim6 kasim5 kasim7




One thought on “Kasim (Phin, Imperium Park) by Wilde Imagination

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  1. Hi, congratulations! He has a gorgeous face and looks great next to his new girlfriend! I have Mortimer Mort myself, he’s large, 19 inch, but he goes very well with my old Miss America doll. Sometimes mixing Tonner with Wilde I. is a very good result :-).

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