Marceline – Penelope Brewster, Spicy Night – Déjà Vu Collection by Tonnerdoll 2014

I hardly ever buy dolls with the  sculpt I already have in my collection. But Déjà Vu is my perdition :). Spicy Night is my third Déjà Vu doll and I hope she is the last one.

My first Déjà Vu doll is wigged so I can change her image but is little bit difficult to travel with her. The wig isn´t comfortable. The second one is blonde and her hair is rooted. She is amazing and I bought her as the a twin of my first Déjà Vu (originally almost blonde) but I always prefer brunette dolls. dejavutres

When I saw Spicy Night for the first time, I didn´t like her at all. She reminded me too much My Scene Barbie. But with the time I was discovering real photos of her  and when I found her NRFB for incredible 85 USD with Cherished Friends, I couldn´t resist more. (BTW: I love Cherished Friends… great prices, great service and every doll, I bought with them, arrived to Mexico in 7 days only – including customs!!!)

And she is really amazing doll. Much more beautiful in person that on photos.


I love her outfit and shoes too. marceline1 marceline2 marceline3 marceline4

The 0nly problem is her jewelry. It is nice but I received it damaged. My bracelet is too short because it´s made with two metal flowers instead of three. Fortunatelly I don´t use original jewelry for my dolls so I do not care about it.

Superior photo: my jewelry set Inferior photo: the bracelet I found on ebay:

I like her green eyes but they look great in person only. In the photos they look yellow :(. I decided to change the colour of her eyes to blue. So now she is my Marceline, the youngest sister of Margueritte and Michelle :). marceline6 marceline7

With her new glasses 🙂 marceline8 marceline9

And with her sisters in autumn Paris:

Marceline, Margueritte et Michelle :)
Marceline, Margueritte et Michelle 🙂

Marceline will be my newest travel doll so I will upload a lot of photos of her in the future. You can check them here:  coming soon

If you are interested to read more about Spicy Night Déjà Vu I recommend you this fantastic review:

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