Margueritte – Penelope Brewster, Around Town – Déjà Vu Collection by Tonnerdoll 2013

Well, I bought Margueritte, my second Déjà Vu doll,  in March 2014 but I have forgot to present her officcialy. She was my second travel doll too, so you can see a lot of her photos on my blog, but I never have uploaded her presentation… So here is:


She is absolutely amazing doll  …  margueritte1 margueritte2 margueritte3 margueritte4

… with fabulous outfit and great accessories. margueritte5 margueritte6

I´m really big fan of Déjà Vu Collection and the unique problem I see with this doll is the hip of the doll becomes very loose with the time and use :(. Nowadays Margaritte has a big problem to stand upright without her stand :(. The other problem, not so important for me, are the eyelashes. With the time I had to change Margueritte´s eyelashes, I rooted them so now they will survive any occasion :D.

dulce6 elenawhite2 dejavu_trasne94 katalina_cream2 janeen6 riviera1_4 playa_dj4

Do you want see more photos of Margueritte? Check her trips:

Here you can see really fantastic review about this doll:

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