Marceline´s New Year trip – I. part – New Mexico (USA)

First, I hope you all had a really nice holidays and fabulous start of 2016.  Marceline, my family and I had a great time with my husband´s family, who lives in one of the most interesting places in the world (for me 🙂  – someone interested in migration and cultural differences) on the border between Mexico and USA. I love Ciudad Juarez , I love El Paso and of course I love the border and its peculiar and fascinating culture.

We arrived to Ciudad Juarez on Thursday 31th and we spent the very first moments of the New Year crossing the border to El Paso. So I hope our 2016 will be full of successfully overcome limits and borders :).

The first day we wanted to go to Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, New Mexico. Unfortunately the January 1st is the unique day when the Park is closed :(. So we took photos from afar and then we decided to go shopping to Las Cruces (New Mexico)… because all the other monuments have been closet as well.

So, here are the pictures from the first day of the trip.

More about Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, New Mexico:

juarez1 juarez2

More about Las Cruces, New Mexico:,_New_Mexico

In the Hobby Lobby  :)…  We LOVE it…  juarez4And in Target… Yes, this car is absolutely amazing and perfect for 16-19 inch dolls. It´s made by My Generation. Unfortunately is too big for our flat 😦 and for the airplane trip :(. One day… when I will have my own dolly room…  But Marceline was so happy driving that lovely car :). juarez5 juarez6 juarez7 juarez8 juarez9

More about Mesilla, New Mexico:,_New_Mexico 

juarez92 juarez93 juarez94 juarez95

To be continue …

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