Marceline´s New Year trip – II. part – New Mexico (USA)

The second day of Marceline´s New Year trip we visited Ruidoso, beautiful village in the mountains, and the surrounding mountains. The views are really amazing!!! We enjoyed the snow and we took a lot of photos there…

More about Ruidoso:,_New_Mexico

juarez98 juarez992 juarez993 juarez994 juarez9993 juarez995 juarez996 juarez997 juarez9992

… Then we went to appreciate the scenery of the Mescalero Lake near to the famous hotel of the Mountain Gods.  I really would like to come back in summer …

More about Mescalero Lake and Inn of the Moutain Gods:

lake1 lake2 lake3 lake4 lake5 lake6 lake7 lake8 lake9 lake91 lake92

… and later we turned into another dimension. What a spectacular place!!! AMAZING!!! SO MAGICAL!!! INCREDIBLE!!! The natural beauty of our planet never ceases to amaze me. If you still do not visit White Sands National Monument and you are in New Mexico (or not 🙂 ), you HAVE TO go!!!

More about White Sands National Monument:

sands1 sands2 sands3 sands4 sands5

… to be continue …

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