Marceline´s diary – Chapter I.

Well… my name is Marceline Valois and this is my diary :).  I have never ever written a diary before …  This is a my English teacher´s idea,  something like “school project” but I think is really fabulous. BTW: I love my new English teacher.

marceline9Yes, that´s me. With my hipster glasses :), gift from Kasim, my best friend ever.

I´m French student living in Mexico. I was born in Lyon and I lived there until one week ago. Well, I spent some months in Paris with my cousins and in Barcelona during my student exchange last year.  I´m 19. I love traveling. I love languages. And I love music and literature.  I´m a big fan of Noir Désir, Émile Zola and Spanish language – particularly mexican Spanish. So for the same reason I have decided to study the translation. The another (and not least) reason was that my best friend Kasim, polyglot born in multinational family, had decided to study the trasnlation too, two years ago.

Kasim and I have always wanted to go to Mexico for vacation. Especially when my cousins moved there. So when Kasim discovered the exchange study program on Superior Institute of Interpreters and Translators in Mexico-city, we were in heaven. We applied for one year exchange and now here we are :). Kasim, of course, has received the full scholarship. But I have to teach French for foreigners… the conversation in the Institute and private lessons at home. I´m little bit affraid about it :(.

…and the level of the English in the Institute is very high, mine is  ehm… not so high 🙂 because I prefer romance languages. I urgently need to improve my English. We talked with my English teacher about some excercises. One of his many ideas was my diary, in English. I have to write regularly about whatever. It´s amazing idea because I can sort out my thoughts and practice  English at the same time. For now I love it… but I´m very disorganized. I hope I will write another chapter soon.

Good night,  mes amis virtuels :).





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